Title:  evolution of taste
Posted:  Wednesday, 6 March 2013 @ 02:27
Some people have a sense of style that never changes. They can buy something one year knowing that they'll like it next. Their tastes don't change with the weather, the season or what book they're reading. They are easy to buy for and easy to plan around - they are always the same. I, on the other hand, am not. My tastes are constantly evolving. Things I found attractive six months ago I may now look at and think 'what was I thinking?'. Buying clothes is a constant struggle because I hate most of them by the time I've worn them twice. I try to resist impulse buys because usually they fit my moods but not my underlying personality.

How I'm wearing my make-up daily at the moment - bright lips, metallic eyes.

Take now for instance. At the moment, my style is drawing heavily on a combination of the 20s and the glam rock of the 70s (as well as the typical 40s look which is the basis of my wardrobe). A bizarre clash of styles you might think! And just a month or so back I was hankering after medieval styles, rich colours and luxurious fabrics. Now I want neon and glitter! It makes life difficult. But lots of fun! I'm trying to integrate more colour into my wardrobe and I'm wearing huge amounts of glitter make-up as well as neon pink and orange lipstick. The silhouette is remaining pretty 40s - a-line skirts and pretty blouses - but with added colours that would never have been seen!

Currently making up a skirt from a 40s pattern in this eye popping shade of pink! If anything, it's brighter in real life.

At the moment, my Pinterest is mostly featuring glitter make-up, Ulyana Sergeenko and art deco lines. Make of that what you will!

And who knows what I'll be obsessing over next!