Title:  saturday night & sunday morning
Posted:  Friday, 22 June 2012 @ 01:42
A couple of days ago, I watched Saturday Night & Sunday Morning, a British film made in 1960 and starring the wonderful Albert Finney. I won't talk too much about the film (which I recommend highly to anyone who loves realist or New Wave cinema) but I will talk about the clothes because that's what I'm here for. I'm only really going to be looking in detail at one character, Doreen, as she's the only female character who really gets a change of clothes. The film is set in working class Nottingham and the clothing reflects that. Doreen is slightly more well off than other characters, however, and her clothes are a bit better than most of the characters and she also wears quite a number of different outfits. One thing I noticed about her wardrobe is how much closer it is to European fashion of the time than American, that Godard-Fellini casual feminine chic look that we see on Anna Karina and Claudia Cardinale throughout the 60s. Then again, with its simpler lines, it's more fitting to a girl of her class than the designs shown on the Hollywood silver screen or in the pages of American fashion magazines. But I am definitely more of a fan of the former look than the latter so I was completely in love with how the actress Shirley Anne Field looked.

I especially loved this knit dress, it's so simple but undeniable of its time. And check out that tiny waist!

I love this rose print dress, it's very timeless and Bardot-esque with its fitted waist and full skirt. The upper bodice appears to be unfitted with just gathers at the bust and the sleeves but is interestingly made in two pieces rather than just one. Just below the bust, you can just about make out an adorable bow which, on the picture below, I outlined in black to help you see it. It's just such a pretty summer dress and I love how it's teamed with the casual messy ponytail.

(the second picture is lightened so you can see the lines more clearly)

A classic white mac with giant lapels, yes please!

This is the best shot I could get of her gingham cigarette pants but I had to include them because they're just so very of that casual continental early 60s style.

And whilst Doreen's wardrobe is undoubtedly enviable, I couldn't help but admire Albert Finney as Arthur Seaton too. He is shown to be a man who cares greatly about his appearance and looks every bit as good in his work clothes (the plaid shirt) as his smart suits. At the same time, I can't help but wonder how his pairing of a t-shirt with a suit would have been viewed by the establishment! I imagine Arthur Seaton was quite the fashion icon in his day.

If you ever get the chance, I seriously recommend seeing this film. It's peppered with wonderful lines and somehow you find yourself sympathising with Arthur, despite the fact that he is completely amoral and frankly quite odious. But I guess, when you look and dress like that, everyone loves you. Maybe that's the moral of the story.