Title:  a taste of summer
Posted:  Wednesday, 28 March 2012 @ 01:26
There's been a lot on the news lately about how this has been the warmest March Britain has seen and how we're currently warmer than Bermuda and all sorts of things. Well, it's certainly been very sunny. I've not been well again lately so I've not really been out enjoying it but today I got in the post my brand new espadrilles and I had to wear them to the beach. And I had to put together an outfit befitting them!

 Of course I didn't quite realise just how cold it would be with that sea breeze!

My face looks terrible, it was very sunny and I'm not good at not squinting!


Blouse - Heyday!, Skirt - by me, Espadrilles - ASOS, Bangles - the music score one made by me, the other from The Russian Shop in Edinburgh

I love this blouse but unfortunately the fit is just a bit off. It's quite big in the shoulders but it gapes at the bust. This is more just my problem due to being larger of bosom than a standard sizing. And I don't care, I will still be wearing it SO MUCH this summer, especially with these shoes. They're a perfect match! 

 Also, I have so many things I've sewn up lately that I need to get photographed and put up here so be on the lookout for that. Hopefully I'll get it done soon but I am up to my ears in university work and, well, I also want to enjoy the sunshine whilst it's here!