Title:  40s updo
Posted:  Friday, 13 January 2012 @ 14:56
After buying a lovely evening gown, I've decided I need to perfect the 40s updo. Taking inspiration from Miriam and Fleur to name but two of the wizards of elegant evening hair, as well as many period films etc. I managed to somehow pile my hair up on my head in a satisfactory manner.

It is a little messy but I hadn't used any product at all (as I was only practising quickly before bed, I thought putting hairspray in would be pointless) and I was running out of hairclips! When I get around to recreating this to wear out, it will definitely be a lot neater.

Here are a few images that caught my eye when I was looking for inspiration!

I really have to try out Maria Montez's plaited updo. So beautiful!