Title:  a week to go
Posted:  Friday, 4 November 2011 @ 20:29
I can't believe how unbelievably close to the wedding it is. Time has really flown. I can't wait for life to return to normal and to be married and just living a normal life with my husband. It's so exciting!



As you can see, our church is so pretty, it has lovely art nouveau windows. The house we are having our reception in is also very pretty although I have to say I can't quite imagine how it will look with people dancing in it, it's not too roomy! But we shall see.

I loved Gemma's post this week on different ways to wear a beret. It inspired me to try out the padded beret look and I love it! I need to get myself to H&M to buy some more of their berets. They have them in lots of colours and for only £3.99! You really can't go wrong.

Although I definitely go for a 1940s look, with my hair like this and the excessive volume in my beret, I feel a bit 60s in this but it's so cute, I love it! I just need to buy a hat pin so I can actually wear this out. I don't own any! Silly me.

Also, you can just about see my Swirl here which I bought on e-bay for next to nothing (for a Swirl, that is) because the seller didn't find the Swirl label, heheh. Hurrah!

And have a bonus picture of my almost-husband.

I hope to be back later this week posting something somewhat fitting for me so, until then, have a lovely week!