Title:  a work in progress
Posted:  Wednesday, 21 September 2011 @ 19:53
At the moment I'm very much into embroidery. In the past, I've not had the patience for it, but when you're ill and can't get out of the house very much, all those slow crafts become immensely appealing! So I decided to use Casey's Circle Skirt Sew Along as an opportunity to try out some embroidery. So far I've only got the waistband done as it's coming on ever so slowly but I really like it!

I've gone for a vaguely south of the border feel (to liven up a British winter) with this skirt which is reflected in this design and my main embroidery for the skirt which is going to be amazing - at least I hope so! All I can say is thank heavens for the flickr group Hoop Love!

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