Title:  a strain on my bank account
Posted:  Thursday, 1 September 2011 @ 16:19
Lately I've been ill (I suffer from ME) and not able to continue my sewing so I have several projects on the backburner - a few of which I'll not complete until next year because I've sort of missed this summer, we're virtually into autumn now. One thing I have been doing, amongst watching lots of pretty films which I'll post more about soon, is buying vintage. I haven't been really feeling up to taking pictures of my new clothes (actually, so far only one dress has arrived) but my jewellery doesn't really required me to have curled hair and lipstick to show off. I had my wedding and/or honeymoon in mind when I purchased each item so I think they're really timeless, classic pieces that will stay with me a long time.

I'm wearing red shoes on my wedding day (less than two and a half months away!) and I figured a red bracelet (along with a red rose in my hair) would really bring that out. I love this. I don't know its age, I would guess 50s but possibly later than that. It's so pretty.

These beautiful 40s button earrings, whilst being a more vibrant cherry red than the bracelet, go with it superbly. They're wonderfully detailed and I love them.

I bought these for my wedding day but then I changed my mind and bought another rhinestone pair which are a bit simpler and will probably go with my overall look better. I'm wearing a really big necklace so simple earrings are good. But these little 50s dangles are so lovely! They look fantastically glamorous on.

My last purchase is this lovely little velvet skullcap with velvet ribbons and a cobweb veil. The veil is a little damaged but to be honest you don't notice it. This hat was only just over £10! I can't believe it!

And just think, I have even more things heading my way. Sigh! My poor bank balance. My happy wardrobe!