Title:  Snoods!
Posted:  Thursday, 18 August 2011 @ 13:28
I've always loved the look of snoods but, until recently, never even thought about grabbing a few for myself. I guess I felt too shy to try out something so blazenly 'vintage' which seems odd when I'm usually dressed to the nines. But recently Jessica of Chronically Vintage blogged about the ones from the Red Dress Shoppe and they were so pretty that I really couldn't resist taking a look around to see if I could find any made here in the UK.

I did find a number but they were just all so gosh-darn expensive! £15 for a snood seems rather outrageous to me so I decided to check the postage charges from the Red Dress Shoppe to the UK and - lo and behold! - purchasing three gorgeous snoods from there was less, even with the postages costs from the US, than buying the British snood (which didn't include postage charges at all!). And seeing as they come in so many beautiful colours, I had an awful lot of trouble choosing, but in the end I decided on one red (to go with all my red, white and blue outfits!), silver grey (will go with everything) & purple (looks awesome with my red hair). They arrived today and I am SO happy with them!

They really are so beautifully made. I'm quite enamoured! And I shall definitely be buying more :) I really want one in Kelly Green.

Now I just need some hair flowers from Belle Blossoms and I'll be all set! I signed up yesterday to the Blossoms of the Month so I'm excited for my September blossom.

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