Title:  the gang's all here!
Posted:  Monday, 22 August 2011 @ 23:21
When I'm sewing, I love to have on films in the background. The fluffier the better, as far as I'm concerned. As long as I don't have to think too hard and have somethi
ng pretty to coo over, I'm fine. So this week I pulled out The Gang's All Here which I got yonks ago in a collection of classic Hollywood musicals that mostly consisted of little remembered late 30s, early 40s gems. I was watching this when I noticed that everybody in it is amazingly glamorous. Okay, that's not surprising for 1943 but it's in colour! So the outfits, the hair, the make-up, everything is incredible to look at. So join me in cooing over these screencaps I ended up taking of everybody being beautiful and glamorous and Carmen Miranda being, well, Carmen Miranda.
One of my favourite things is that everybody is amazing glamorous, including the extras. I have many many shots from the extras.

Check out the hair on these ladies - it's mostly left loose with a bit pulled back and some kind of adornment, be it hair flowers or a ribbon. Also look at the lady in the bright blue with the red hair. I love those flowers!

Three ladies swing dancing, three very different pairs of shoes, from sensible pumps to the amazing but slightly impractical red heels!

Rather a lot more hair here - we have flowers, bows, snoods, all sorts of hair accessories! Everyone looks so colourful.

And here lovely star Alice Faye floats into view. She wears a lovely white suit, accented with only a single brooch. When she heads outside, we get to see her whole ensemble, complete with huge hat, clutch and lovely white pumps.

Next outfit - a pretty pink number with a wonderful draped front.

Then we have this lovely tailored white coat with huge gold buttons with matching hat paired with lovely butter yellow leather bag and gloves. Gosh, so pretty. It's probably my favourite of her outfits in this film.

A purely romantic outfit for a musical number - I absolutely love the waistband on this skirt. Breathtaking.

Here Alice is wearing another big white hat with her white clutch and another suit, this one with a chevron across the front and back. Carmen Miranda, meanwhile, wears a lampshade.

Now Alice wears what appears to be a yellow and white jumpsuit. More on Sheila Ryan's absolutely darling pink dress later on when I get around to her character.

For no apparent reason other than to look breathtaking, Alice was then wearing this little spangled number.

Finally we have what would have been a knockout dress had it not been for the awful lamé circles all over it, but then this is from a number entitled 'The Polka Dot Polka'. I love the construction of the skirt - I'm not sure if this was a design feature all on its own or if it was added as a stylish way to help disguise Alice's pregnancy!

Okay, now onto Sheila Ryan's wardrobe. She plays the heiress to Alice Faye's chorus girl yet their clothes are almost indistinguishable. Ah, Hollywood.

Also, gosh she's pretty. Here she is in the first scene she appears in, in a lovely negligee.

Brief shot of her in a wee willie winkie cap and a coat with massive buttons. One would assume this scene takes place in winter but no, they're on their way to a pool party.

I almost need a pause here to take in the loveliness of her next dress. It's just so pretty. And you know what my favourite thing is? She's wearing two belts. At first I thought it was one belt that was two colours but no, it's two different coloured belts. Gosh I love it. One of them matches the dress, the other her shoes.

This is another darling outfit. I love her shoes.

And now a whole lot of Carmen Miranda outfits. Note the red and white blouse and blue skirt outfit - one of the extras is wearing an almost exact same outfit (albeit with short sleeves) earlier on in the film, minus the hat. Really odd.

And finally, a whole load of extras with amazing hair and outfits. Enjoy!

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