Title:  yellow shoes
Posted:  Saturday, 16 February 2013 @ 16:44
I'm in need of help! I bought these utterly delightful yellow sandals by Shellys from Asos (link to the shoes!) and I adore them. They're going to be an absolute staple this spring/summer. Only question is - I don't know what to wear them with! I really don't know what to wear with yellow and every time I think of something, I can come up with a reason that says 'nope. No chance. Not going to wear that'. Green is out or I'll look like a daffodil. Black is out because I don't want to look like a bee. White is out because I can't wear white, at least not on my bottom half (which is the half that matters, really!). I'm a warm skin toned pale lady with red hair (currently dyed brown but going back to ginger soon) and blue eyes which makes my palette limited as it is.

What would YOU wear with these shoes?